Rock House Artists include Eddie Floyd ("Knock On Wood"), Chick Willis ("You're Mine"), Floyd Miles ("Crazy Man"), Priscilla Price ("Funny"), Roy Roberts, Barbara Carr, Big Ron Hunter, Skeeter Brandon, Chicago Bob Nelson and many others.

Here are selected tracks from these authentic R&B/Blues artists.

Let one of these R&B/Blues tracks find a way into your next Film or TV project!

Roy Roberts-InroducingPriscilla PriceEddie FloydFloyd MilesChicago Bob Nelson

Skeeter BrandonChick Willis Big Ron HunterMark Van MourikLou Pride

Roy RobertsMaria RollsGlynne MooreTyYoungTommy Thomas

  • MP3 Another Man Will - Floyd Miles

  • MP3 Amazing Grace - Glynn Moore

  • MP3 Baby - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 Bee Hive (Part 1) - Roy Roberts Experience

  • MP3 Bee Hive (Part 2) - Roy Roberts Experience

  • MP3 Behind These Walls - Ty Young

  • MP3 Blues Get Off My Shoulder- Roy Roberts

  • MP3 Can't Make It Without Him - Glynn Moore

  • MP3 Cravin' For Your Love - Tommy Thomas

  • MP3 Crazy To Care - Priscilla Price

  • MP3 Don't Let This Love Slip Away
    - Johnny Rawls & Roy Roberts

  • MP3 Dutch Guy Playing The Blues
    - Mark Van Mourik

  • MP3 Feeling So Bad - Floyd Miles

  • MP3 Give Me a Chance - Priscilla Price

  • MP3 Glory Glory - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 Gonna Put My Foot Down - Priscilla Price

  • MP3 Gotta Move On All Over You - Mark Van Mourik

  • MP3 Heartaches And Misery - Floyd Miles

  • MP3 He Lifts Me Up - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 I Don't Want You No More - Gregg Allman

  • MP3 I Got A Gypsy Woman - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 I Had A Talk With My Baby Tonight - Lou Pride

  • MP3 I Found The Kinda of Love - Chick Willis

  • MP3 I Know a Hoochie Mama - Chick Willis

  • MP3 I Heard It Through The Walls - Eddie Floyd

  • MP3 I'm A Blues Woman - Maria Rolls

  • MP3 I'm Not For Sale - Priscilla Price

  • MP3 I'm So Lonely For You Tonight - Priscilla Price

  • MP3 I Slipped - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 I Truly Love You - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 It's Been a Long Time - Floyd Miles

  • MP3 It’s Good To Go - Skeeter Brandon

  • MP3 It's Only You - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 It's Only You - Barbara Carr & Roy Roberts

  • MP3 Jesus Is Knocking - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 Let's Wrap Up Tonight Baby
    - Roy Roberts Experience

  • MP3 Locksmith Blues - Chicago Bob Nelson

  • MP3 Mighty Big Shoes To Fill - Priscilla Price

  • MP3 Mr. DJ - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 My Solid Rock - Big Ron Hunter

  • MP3 No More Tears - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 Nosey Neighbor - Eddie Floyd

  • MP3 Piece of You - Eddie Floyd

  • MP3 Play Your Cards Right - Big Ron Hunter

  • MP3 Pouring Out The Blues - Big Ron Hunter

  • MP3 Reach Out - Johnny Rawls & Roy Roberts

  • MP3 Ribshack Blues Cafe - Chick Willis

  • MP3 Rock And A Hard Place - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 Should Have Been Over - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 Show It To Me - Eddie Floyd

  • MP3 Show Me What You Got - Dana Dane &
    Roy Roberts

  • MP3 Sicily Moon - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 Silent Treatment - Skeeter Brandon

  • MP3 Someday Baby - Chick Willis

  • MP3 Sometimes You Love Me - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 Soul on Fire - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 Standing In The Rain - Big Ron Hunter

  • MP3 Stop (Watch What You Doing To Me) - Roy
    Roberts Experience

  • MP3 Strange Love - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 Sweet Lady Love - Tommy Thomas

  • MP3 Tonight - Lou Pride

  • MP3 Tonight Your Love Belongs to Me - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 To The Bone - Eddie Floyd

  • MP3 Trouble in Our Home - Eddie Floyd

  • MP3 Twisting The Knife - Lou Pride

  • MP3 Walk With Me - Glynn Moore

  • MP3 We Always Work It On Out - Roy Roberts &Maria Rolls

  • MP3 We're Gonna Work It On Out - Roy Roberts & Priscilla Price

  • MP3 What A Real Man Should - Tommy Thomas

  • MP3 What Would I Do - Floyd Miles

  • MP3 You and Me Together (Part 1) - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 You and Me Together (Part 2) - Roy Roberts

  • MP3 You Better Watch Yourself - Priscilla Price

  • MP3 You Can't Have It Your Way - Skeeter Brandon

  • MP3 You Let The Fire Go Out - Maria Rolls

  • MP3 You Let The Fire Go Out - Priscilla Price

  • MP3 You Move Me - Roy Roberts Experience

  • MP3 You Must Be Crazy - Floyd Miles

  • MP3 You Put That Dog Ahead Of Me
    - Tommy Thomas